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Alpha Art is the simplest, quickest, and most secure way to get professional, eye-catching, and stunning designs for your amazing music!

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We take pride in assisting musicians in creating captivating visuals that enhance their music and brand. We collaborate closely with artists to ensure each design aligns with their unique vision. Our goal is to stay ahead of design trends and be a reliable partner for musicians looking to make a powerful impression.


Finished Album Art

Select from a library of finished designes and claim your album art within a minute!

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Get a professional  custom album art from a dedicated graphic designer based on your wishes and ideas within 2 business days!

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We can help you create any other design, just reach out to us, we ansewer within 30 minutes.

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Great graphic design is like that clickbaity YouTube video or news title that you can’t ignore and must click. This is exactly what our goal at Alpha Art is. We make designs that give you an advantage over the sea of other music released every day.

Skilled and Experienced Designers

We’ve done hundreds of designs for the most established labels and artists in the industry and we’d love to work with you. We’ve spent years making stunning designs under the radar. We decided to open a service accessible to all musicians.

NO drawbacks and annoyances!

We understand that after spending countless hours on your music, the last thing you want to do is make your own designs or get a random person online to do it. That is why we make your cover art quickly, securely, and without unnecessary drawbacks and annoyances!

Focus on your music, we will do the rest

Good design takes years to learn. Instead of trying to do your design yourself and spending hours figuring it out, focus your time on making that amazing music, and leave the design to us!

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We are very fast to respond, you can use the buttons bellow to schedule a short meeting or contact us via a contact form.  Our team of graphic designers specializes in creating stunning album art for musicians. We value direct communication, ensuring your questions are addressed promptly. Let’s turn your music into captivating visuals. 

Luka Tomazin

Company Founder & Designer

I have 7+ years in the music industry as an artist and graphic designer, and now have leading roles in multiple companies in the industry. I aim to fill the gap in graphic design services for the music industry, becoming the go-to, transparent, and accessible choice for artists.

Ziga Zgalin

Company Founder & Designer

I've been designing as a hobby since elementary school, and I've also worked in the industry helping musicians with their designs. Starting a design company for the music industry seemed natural, especially as more artists release music independently.

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