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The simplest, quickest, and most secure way to get stunning, eye-catching cover art based on your wishes and requests.

Find the right Package for you

Bronze Package

The perfect package for anyone with a wish and vision for custom design and on a budget!
$ 77,00
  • Custom Cover 3000x3000 jpg
  • 3 revisions
  • Ready for Streaming​
  • Refound guarantee
  • Optional video meeting

Silver Package

The perfect package for an upcoming artist who needs supporting design for marketing purposes.
$ 117,00
  • All from Bronze included
  • 6 revisions
  • Promo Design: Coming Soon
  • Promo Design: Release Date
  • Promo Design: Out Now

Gold Package

The most advanced pacakge for an established musician who needs a lot of supporting design for promotion and marketing.
$ 147,00
  • All from Silver included
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Photoshop Files
  • Social media promotional posts
  • DSP banners based on design

How does it work?

Work with a dedicated graphic designer that is dedicated to bring your ideas and vision into reality with our Custom Album Art service.

See how we have helped 100+ musicians

Before After

The original concept for our album art was centered around capturing the majestic strength of a lion. The initial artwork, crafted by the artist, served as the foundation for our creative journey. After careful collaboration and approval from our musician, we embarked on a transformative artistic process. We chose to accentuate the design by including a powerful red color, elevating our album art into a striking representation of the lion’s might.

Before After

The artists original concept was to depict a satellite falling through the crimson-hued mountains in the sky. To bring this concept to life, we took the initial idea and elevated it through a professional design approach. Our mission was to encapsulate the vivid red ambiance requested by the musician and enhance the authenticity of the falling satellite, ensuring a more immersive and believable visual narrative.

Before After

The musician envisioned a composition where the interplay of red and green hues enveloped a striking negative figure. Their intent was to create a captivating and abstract image, and we were committed to preserving that vivid and abstract essence in our design. The artwork showcases the desired fusion of red and green colors, with a central focus on a devilish figure sporting distinctive horns, adding an element of intrigue and symbolism to the visual narrative.

Skyrocket your music with our Custom Album Art


Our designers will work with you based on the vision, wishes and ideas you present to them so toghether we can trully craft something unique and stunning.


We are dedicated to fast communication as communication is key when it comes to design. Because we are so devoted to fast communication our designs can be finished quicker than our competition.


After purchasing you will get a dedicated designer assigned to your order who will work with you until the design is finalized.


If you don't like the final product we will send you a full refund without hessitation.

Trusted by 100+ clients who got their design annoyance free

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We value fast communication!

The fastest communication in the business.

We value fast communication so we give you multiple options to step in touch with us. You can reach out to us via email; [email protected]. You can also use the contact form on the right or even book a 15 minute meeting with us on the far right. We are looking forward to chatting with you and helping you with your design needs!

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Video Meeting

Schedule a short 15 minute meeting to discus your design needs. 


Our goal here at Alpha Art is to simplify your graphic design needs, so our goal is always to create your cover art as soon as possible. After you place the order we will reach out within 1 business day. The process of designing can then vary based on the complexity of the job, but we can assure you that we will compltete the artwork in 5 business days and we will do our absolute best to complete it even sooner.

Our cover art is ready for all streaming platforms. After purchasing you will recive a jpg. and a png. file. Both with 3000×3000 pixels dimensions.

If for any reason we are not able to make your cover art we will issue a 100% refund right away so there is no risk for you.

If you need other custom design that we don’t offer on our website you are more than welcome to reach out to us at [email protected]. We are always open to helping you out with any of your design needs, and if we can help you, we will.

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